A Packed House

First things first, thank you to everyone who came out to support the show. You are truly the ones who make these events successful. Last night's crowd was great in size and enthusiasm! That kind of support is what helps the performers really come alive, and come alive they did!

Crandall Creek just keeps getting better and better, and they started out really good. They continue to please everyone with old Bluegrass classics, but they are really building up a nice repertoire of originals too. If you didn't come out to see them last night, do yourself a favor and get to their next show. As of this moment, that will be March 3rd at the Ebert Brother's Show at the Lincoln Theatre in New Martinsville, WV.

If you know who's image this is, then enough said...

Roger Hoard is truly amazing! Even as a show opener, he is a headliner. I challenge anyone to find a finer man or musician in the Ohio Valley. His professionalism is astounding, and his music is equally as impressive. If you want to check out more of Roger's work, see C.A. House's commercials or go to www.hoardandjones.com.

Do you love Oldies? Doo Wop? A Capella? Gospel? One-A-Chord landed right between Roger Hoard and Crandall Creek. Actually, landed is the exact opposite of what they did. This group of guys soared to the outer limits of our atmosphere last night. They can entertain as well as any band, and they have no instruments. There is no wonder, to anyone in attendance, that they had the "Best A Capella Doo Wop Album of the Year" in 2005. They love to perform at all sorts of venues. If you have any need for entertainment, check them out at www.one-a-chord.com.

A special thanks goes out to our sound man, Josh Blakemore. It is too bad sound cannot be captured by camera. His mixing deserves to be recognized. Also, thank you to Ryan Yanik for his lighting skills and for the perfect animation shown behind the performers. As usual, the lovely Suzanne Polinski did a remarkable job as the night's emcee. Thank you, to the Board of Directors at the Strand Theatre for hosting in such a wonderful venue.

Finally, thank you to our event and program sponsors, Wheeling Hospital and Nana's Pizza and Pie in Moundsville, WV.

Everyone keep your eye out for our upcoming dates. Again, The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers will be our next headliner on March 10th with Crandall Creek as the opener. If you aren't a Bluegrass fan, you will walk away from that show a "new convert". We hope to see you there! Remember, these are fun and entertaining nights, but they ALWAYS are a means to support great causes. Even if St. Jude Children's Research Hospital can save only one child with the money raised by our event, the night was well worth it.