Breathe A Little Easier

If you were in attendance at last night's concert, thank you. The money you paid for your tickets, the money from the auction items, and a generous percentage of sales of jewelry by Kathy Sacra Anderson is going to be on its way to the Black Lung Clinic at Cabin Creek Health Systems in Dawes, WV. We are proud to stand by our neighbors and friends who put their health and lives on the line working in the coal mines.

If you have ever seen Donna Ulisse and the Poor Mountain Boys in concert, you know it is certain to be a great show. Donna's music and lyrics grab your attention like few acts can. Thank you, Donna, for coming back again and again. Moundsville, WV loves you! If you haven't seen Donna and her band yet, don't let another opportunity pass you by. Luckily, you will get the chance again when they come back on December 8 to perform their Christmas show.If you aren't sure you believe Donna's shows can be as good as we say they are, just look at what happened in the sky outside the Strand Theatre when she took the stage...Whether they are headlining or opening for another band, Crandall Creek continues to bloom. Their sound keeps getting tighter, and their original selections continue to expand and wow the audiences. We look forward to seeing much more of them in the near future.As great as all of that was, nothing was a touching as when the show opened with the honor of having 97 year old WWII veteran George "Singing George" Bennett gracing the audience with his rendition of "You Are My Sunshine". Thank you, sir, for the honor and your service. We can NEVER repay you.Keep your eyes and ears out for information for our next show. Keep the date of July, 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the forefront of your mind. That night will be a mini Bluegrass festival with three bands, The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers, The Roadhog band, and Crandall Creek. Spread the word. It will be for a good cause as always, and we'll have a good time...Pickin' and a Givin'!