Not Your Ordinary Christmas Show

When you hear of a Christmas concert coming to a nearby venue, what do you think of? How about if you heard it was a bluegrass Christmas Show? Many would probably think, "We just heard Ms. Vanderpump's 4th grade music class sing Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and I'm Getting Nothin' for Christmas! Do we really need to hear these same tunes screeched out on a fiddle?"

Well, Donna Ulisse and the Poor Mountain Boys just rolled into Moundsville, WV yesterday afternoon. Their plan? Play another Christmas show at the Strand Theatre. Last night was nothing like what you would expect from a Christmas show. With the exception of a song or two at the beginning, the set that this amazing band out of Nashville, TN played was comprised of all original songs written by Donna herself.The story is certainly not her own, but she tells the story of the announcement, conception, and birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ like never heard before. These songs were written from the perspective of the players in the story as though they were normal, everyday people, and guess what. They were! The lyrics of each song paints such a vivid picture in the minds of the listeners. Then of coarse, there is the typical bluegrass sound you would come to expect from a bluegrass band. The Story, lyrics, and music come together to present a Christmas show like no other. Thank you, Donna and the Poor Mountain Boys for such a magical night.

Of coarse, like our previous concerts, Crandall Creek was there to grace the audience with their musical stylings. They opened the show with one song, Don't Cry Mary, written by Jerry Andrews. It is such a beautiful song that will bring tears to many eyes. Crandall Creek again took the stage after Donna's performance to finish out the night, playing some well known and loved songs as well as some newer songs also written by Jerry. It is always a great time and performance when the bands join together on stage to play together, and Donna and her band did not disappoint. How fun it was to watch the two bands collaborate.Crandall Creek is a young band, and by that we mean, hasn't been playing together long. Only two of the five can be classified as young. However, they are gaining traction in the bluegrass world. Their performance was stretched out by audience request, and rumor has it, they have been booked a couple places in the near future.

Once again, we cannot do these shows without the support of our sponsors, the local community, and our audience. Thank you Wheeling Hospital, Bordas and Bordas Law, Dr. Charles Wylie, and Dr. Harold Pickens for your monetary support. Thank you Moundsville Pharmacy for sponsoring our program. Thank you concert goers for coming out and supporting us!

Finally, thank you to the Feeding Body and Soul Community Kitchen for the work you do in our community. We hope and pray that the food donations and proceeds raised from the concert will be a blessing to many this Christmas season. God bless us all!